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The documentary will screen next on Feb. 8, 2018 at UCLA's Ralph Bunche Center for African American Studies' in its annual film series called "The Black Forum." There are three short films in the series and the screenings start at 2:30pm. Location = Haines Hall 153. The event is free and open to the public. I will be attending, so if you live in LA - see you there!

September 2017:

....The more than ample public that attended the screening (and later Q&A)...gave positive validation for your important work....

...[T]he performers....seemed to jump off the screen and create a feeling of...entertainment & community you ...only expect...from live performance.

Javier Padilla Gil, managing director
Sala la Quemá (cinema cycle)
Jerez de la Frontera, SPAIN

July 2017:

We ... co-produc[ed] an event [with Eve A. Ma] that included ... screening ... Masters of Rhythm and a live music demonstration ....

.... The audience reacted very positively ... and we even extended the official end time ....

Bianca Torres, co-director
La Peña Cultural Center
Berkeley, California, USA


We are happy that the documentary continues to be of use in helping maintain Afro-Peruvian culture in the land of its birth! On Dec. 16, 2017 it screened at the groundbreaking ceremony in Cañete, Peru for the Afro-Peruvian cultural center Dungu, directed by Lalo Izquierdo.

The documentary screened in November 2017 at the Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

We presented the documentary in my home-away-from-home, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, to a very nice-sized and receptive audience in the Ciclo de Cine de la Sala la Quemá (Plaza la Quemada, 5), in September, 2017.


We were delighted with the documentary's reception in its very first general public event, which took place on July 22, 2017, in a cultural center in Berkeley, in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA). The event was called Cajón is King: the Compelling Rhythms of Afro-Peru.

For this exciting event, we paired a screening of the documentary with a performance by the niece of Lalo Izquierdo, one of the documentary's three stars. There was also a Q&A with the director - and with the niece, Peta Robles, who talked about her family and growing up with cajón in a culturally very active Afro-Peruvian family. Robles, who demonstrated a variety of Afro-Peruvian instruments (cajita, quijada de burro) as well as providing a taste of the colorful "hatajos de negritos" dance, was accompanied by Gabriela Shiroma and Rosa los Santos of the group "de Rompe y Raja."

We liked the title of this event so much that we have used it for the music album we've created that combines the sound track from Masters of Rhythm with music from my earlier documentary A Zest for Life: Afro-Peruvian Rhythms, a Source of Latin Jazz.

EARLY SCREENINGS: The film first saw the light of day in the Festival International du Film Panafricain de Cannes (France - April 16-20, 2016). From there, it moved on to the Black International Cinema Berlin (Germany - May 13-15, 2016), where it won the award Best Film in the Fine Arts category. Next, it screened in California's Berkeley Video & Film Festival (USA - Oct. 20-Nov. 6, 2016), where it won the award Best Ethnographic Music Documentary.

In early 2017, it moved to Los Angeles where it screened twice in the Pan African Film Festival (USA - Feb. 9-20, 2017). Its next stop was the Oakland International Film Festival in California's San Francisco Bay Area (USA - April 4-8, 2017), then at the end of April it screened in California's San Diego Black Film Festival (USA - April 26-30, 2017) and in Lima, Peru in the Festival Internacional del Cajón (PERU - April 28-30, 2017).

Then in the summer, it screened in the Festival Internacional de Kutuka, on Aug. 18, 2017, in Cañete, PERU


We are also negotiating to put Masters of Rhythm on television, and have signed contracts with several educational distributors including Films for the Humanities & Sciences, and Alexander Street Press. SIGN UP HERE for our newsletter to keep informed.